Candle Dipping & Baby Animals

JULY 29, 2019

Today the kids and I, along with our homeschool group/friends, went candle dipping at Door County Candle Co. What a wonderful smelling shop! The last time I dipped candles I think I was Heaters age and at camp. This smelled way better than a bunch of tweens on a summer day at camp, for sure. 🙂 After candle dipping we ventured a few miles to The Farm. My kids LOVE the farm. There’s a lot of interesting things to see as you walk through the grounds of The Farm, but I think we spent most of our time just beyond the entrance where we fed baby animals milk bottles and corn, held kittens and goats, fed hungry, hairy beasts and milked a goat. Tooties favorite the kittens. Heaters favorite I think is a toss up between the kittens (even though he’s allergic) and the baby chicks. My favorite the piglets! I kinda feel bad I enjoy bacon so much.


She’s So Sweet

JULY 26, 2019

Every now and then my kids turn into humans that I don’t even know. Lately, and I’ll blame the heat, both of them are just…… UGH. But then, when the weather cooled off, which happened to be this morning, they were back to normal… well, as normal as they’ll ever be I suppose. And I say this as Tootie is making kissy noises at me and showing me her body art she drew. Oy. 😀

Anyway, this morning Tootie wakes up, runs to the kitchen and makes her big brother breakfast in bed. Toast and green milk. It was a hit!




JULY 24, 2019

Remember how I told you in the last blog post that I took on a group? Maybe I didn’t. Tonight, I’m so tired from sun and fun that I couldn’t tell you up from down. Anyway, I started to lead a group within our homeschool group called Quest Club. It’s a mix of boys and girls from 3-13 years of age that want to earn badges on various topics, just like other known scout groups.

Bubbles was the theme for today. Let me tell you, it was messy. It was slippery. It was hot! But most of all it was fun! The kids had to make homemade bubble solution and homemade bubble wands. I really enjoyed seeing all their creativity, they did a great job. They also got to be inside a life-sized bubble! And IIIIIIII got to be inside the life-sized bubble as well!!!!

It was a good day!

Tootie and Heater testing out their bubble wands. Heater made his out of Legos.
Tootie in the life-sized bubble!

Take 2… or 3!

JULY 22, 2019

It has been some time since I’ve been on here. To be honest, I almost didn’t come back. We’ve been so busy over the past year that I was ready to let our little creation fizzle into nothing. Then a friend of mine reminded me just how much this will mean to my children later. So, here I am!

I’ll start by saying it’s good to be back writing. Journaling. If anyone’s out there, HELLO! I’ve missed you!

A lot has taken place in the last year. We’ve bought a home, got a dog, began a new homeschooling adventure, played, had tons of fun, met new friends, began container gardening, went on lots of field trips, but most of all, just simply enjoyed our days together. And those days have gone by so fast! I cannot even believe it’s been a year. My kids would tell you, “Mom, you can tell it’s been a year, you have more grey hair!” They aren’t wrong.

There’s not much to really write about today, but I do want to show you our year in pictures. I hope you enjoy them as much as we have enjoyed making the memories.


Before I leave, I want to send a big “Thank You” to my friend for giving me that gentle nudge, you are the best!