SEPTEMBER 18, 2016

Today was gorgeous outside!!! We released our last and final Monarch. I’m pretty sure it was a boy but I can’t say for sure as he wasn’t very active in the carton and flew away quickly. It felt really good to raise one from such a small little thing and into a gorgeous orange and black beauty.

This afternoon a friend of ours asked us to join them at one of the local libraries for Pumpkin Palooza. It had an edible garden outside, life-size “Candy Land” traveling through the garden, fact stations, games, crafts, and a snack! We learned about sunflowers, different kinds of plants and that Tootie loves pumpkin seeds and nut butter, while Heater dislikes both, very much. We got to pick from the edible garden. Hopefully my kids will at least TRY some of what they picked, but more than likely, I’ll be throwing it in a veggie stir-fry for myself. 🙂 The Brown County Central Library has a ton of activities usually taking place. Check out their schedule!!

Dear Random Lady at Target

SEPTEMBER 16, 2016

Dear Random Lady at Target. Today my son and I went to Target. His birthday money was burning a hole in his pocket apparently. I say this with sarcasm, but, really he’s spent his money very cautiously. We by no means are allowed to spend our money foolishly. We watch every nickel and dime we have. When the time is right, we can splurge. Today he begged me to go. So, we went. We traveled those toy aisles up and down. He was an 8 year old boy on a mission! Legos, Nerf, Super Heroes, you name it, we saw it twice or more. We ended up back in the Super Hero Action Figure aisle. He went ahead of me and I paused at the end of the aisle where you stood, looking at Transformer toys. I casually watched you look back and forth at the toys. Then you said, “what do you buy the boy who has everything?” I chuckled at that, because we’ve been there too. You asked me if I knew anything about Transformers. Nada lady, nada. I called over my son to see if he’d give his opinion to you. He’s so shy I didn’t think he would. But, he took a deep breath and said, “Well, this one. (another deep breath) Because, in the movie, it’s more destructible!” You giggled a bit at him, and so did I. Relieved. And proud. Because even though I have no idea if what he said was true, he talked to you. You said to him, “Thank you!!! You helped me a lot!” My son said he was welcomed to help you. My heart was so sappy. My little man…… You then turned around and I thought our meeting was over. But you turned back to us and surprised him with a five dollar bill. His face was in awe. I told you over and over that you didn’t have to do that. But you insisted that since he had helped you, you were going to reward him. My son was so thankful. I hope even though he told you so, I hope you could feel it. Because he was beaming! And he did pick out a toy and even used that money to help pay for it! Thank you random lady! To you it may have been such a small gesture, but to me, it was so much more!


Dude Flowers!

SEPTEMBER 14, 2016

During work today Tootie and I made some crafts (along with other little bitties, too). It started as clothespin-tissue paper butterflies (which turned out AWESOME!) and morphed into princesses and fairies and Dude Flowers (according to Heater). Ya, I tilted my head in question at that statement too. It’s ok. I didn’t know either. But these “dude flowers” were actually a concoction thought of by Tootie! So, she’s the one to give credit to. All of the butterflies and flowers turned out so cute from all the littles. All I have to show you are the ones we made, but trust me, kids can do amazing things if given the opportunity! If you’d like to try these at home on a rainy day or a sunny day, they are so super simple and fun! You can’t mess it up! I’m sure Google has tons of ways to put these together, but just incase you don’t want to Google it, I’ve got your back!


Tissue Paper (any colors will work)
Clothes Pins
Marker (for eyes and mouth)
Bendy Straws (for the “dude flowers”)
Masking tape (for flowers)

DIRECTIONS: (for butterflies)

Take three colors of tissue paper. I’m sure you could do two or even one, but we like color! You can rip/tear or cut the pieces to be even sized, roughly. Having some difference of sizing does add a nice texture. Take all three pieces and tell your little to hold them like a sandwich. Then as if folding their hands, bring them together in the middle. That forms the wings and a place to put your clothespin. Put the clothespin on and adjust your wings as you see fit. Some crumpled, some left them as is. It’s all preference. Take a marker add some eyes and a mouth. We ran out of pipe cleaner at work but if we had them I would have added antenna.

DIRECTIONS: (for flowers)

Like the butterflies you can use as many colors as  you like. We used three again. Have your little make a fist (knuckle to the left or right not up or down) and place the tissue paper on their thumb and finger (you want a place to poke the tissue paper down into). Have them then poke the tissue paper into their fist, going into the closed palm. Once there’s a good amount in their fist, pinch that part and twist. Twist till it’s tiny and can fit in the end of a straw. The bendy side. Then tape around the base of the flower and the straw so they are taped together).


Here’s the final products! It’s not fancy, but it was so much fun! And so simple. Hope you try it!

Empty Nest…Er Chrysalis

SEPTEMBER 12, 2016

I almost forgot!!! With crafting and schooling and working and living and yada yada yada, I forgot to update on our “pillar babies”.  Three of them have spread their wings and flown the coupe! They are OUTTA HERE! And one was a boy and two were girls! I learned that a boy caterpillar, at least in the Monarch family, has two dots on it at the bottom of the wings. So, we set off to the Wildlife Sanctuary to set two of them free. The first day I set the boy loose. I stuck around because there were a bunch of no-good-rowdy-beings hanging around and I didn’t want them messin’ with my baby! But they left and he was good. The second day I let go of the lil’ lady. I nearly cried. I’m kidding. Kinda. It was an awesome experience. We now just have our “baby baby” you know, the eye lash sized caterpillar we got. Ya, it’s in it’s chrysalis. So in about a week we’ll let go of that one too. It’s tough watching your kids grow and leave you. 😛

A Little Cardboard, A Little Glue and a Blister! :(

SEPTEMBER 12, 2016

Today we had a super crabby sitter baby. Miss M was not having nap nor sleep. So today kinda stunk a tad for schooling. But we managed to get some math for Heater and Calendar, Alphabet and Number practice for Tootie. Oh and Coding! There’s this cute coding program called Studio Code. My kids LOVE it!!! And even the itty bitty littles can enjoy it. And it’s free! But what was really fun, was with the work I do (daycare at one of our YMCA’s) I wanted to make a race car ramp and bring it to work for the “older” kiddo’s to try. So I broke out the cardboard, the glue gun and went bonkers!! I made a race car ramp. It’s cool. It’s not pretty, but it’s fun! And seeing I was on a roll I wasn’t about to stop there!!! No way, man! I went ahead and made a marble maze! And that’s when it happened! The glue gun got away from me!! It ATTACKED! So now I have this cute bandaid on my forearm with a nice piece of my skin missing! And it hurts! I’ll live though 🙂 The maze is awesome! I made a LEGO one awhile back, but this one…. is so much cooler! I wonder if I’ll have a scar in remembrance of it?????

Fall Fitness!


One, Two, Three, Four……Ninety! 😉 One of my very favorite-ist things about one of the homeschool groups we are in is they orchestrate a Fall Fitness every September through the end of October. Fall Fitness is a homeschool P.E. class outside. They start the day off with prayer and a lap of death. OK, OK it’s not death, seeing I didn’t even run it this year, but it’s a good sized lap that kids from Pre-K through Senior High run. Then grade levels split up and the next two hours they run my kids ragged!!!! It. Is. AWESOME! I toddled between my Tootie and Heater those two hours and I might have lost a pound, or none. Tootie played Red Light, Green Light and Sharks and Minnows and Name Tag. Heater played Capture the Flag.  I love Fall Fitness. New friends, old friends, and lots of exercise.

First Day of School!

2016-2017 SCHOOL YEAR

As you can see my kids were sooooooooo excited to start school. Not really. Not at all. It was so hectic. We had baby M today and she was a fuss bucket of all sorts. One computer didn’t want to work so that delayed things. Tootie is against being in Kindergarten so she’s now a first grader 😉 (her face says it all). Heater did really just go with the flow. And that flow was kinda a hot mess. Ain’t no way to sugar coat our first day back into the swing of it. It was like a giant flurburt.

Tomorrow will be better right?